Got your pre-approval letter? Time to go shopping right? Hang on, slow down! 

     By: Rachel Beckerman, Owner & Marketing Director 


Don’t make the mistake of getting your loan pre-approval letter before actually knowing what you can really afford. Just because the bank says you “can afford” a $500,000 home does that really mean you should? Now, let us be completely honest here…would we like to sell you a $500,000 home? Of course, we do have kids to feed! BUT, would we rather you be happy and financially comfortable in your home? 100%! We are a family business, and family comes first no matter what! 


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When my husband and I bought our first home we fell into the hands of some pretty poor financial advice. We went to a lender, gave them our financial information and let them influence our home buying decisions. Because we are both trustworthy people, we never thought for one minute that we would be led to buy a home that on paper we could afford, but in reality, we were far from it! We quickly learned why the lending industry significantly contributed to the last recession in 2008…lenders are NOT the best people to set household budgets! 



For many years we both struggled, and hit some pretty hard financial times, due to the fact that we let our lender dictate what we could afford. We bought a house that we at the time, COULD NOT AFFORD! We were house rich with a ramen noodle food budget…just what every couple should be starting out right? WRONG! It doesn’t have to be that way, and it SHOULDN’T! 


Thankfully my husband (don’t ever let him know I said this) is a very smart and financially cautious man. He thankfully got us out of that first home buying mess! We want all of our clients to really look at your finances prior to ever going to a lender. Think about financial balance, not just what a lender says you can afford. Take a look at these references below to determine what you can afford prior to visiting a lender. After you know really what you can afford, then you can really start searching for that dream home. Remember, it’s more important to find a home you can be happy in AS WELL as one that doesn’t cause you to eat potatoes and water each night for dinner…I mean really who needs all those carbs?


Take a look at some of these resources for understanding your finances before talking to a lender. Once you understand your finances, give us a call and we can put you in contact with a lender that will help you find a loan to fit your needs. 



Credit to Nerd Wallet


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