Relaxation on the Beach

Now that we have hit the 90’s almost daily, it’s time to start seriously thinking about those beach days! I mean, that’s why we all live here right? You know what I am talking about…relaxing with the sound of the waves crashing onto the sand, the smell of salt and suntan lotion in the air, sand between your toes, a cold drink and a good book that you can sit back and get lost in for a good couple of hours…hang on, we’re parents…so yea beach days are just a little bit different now. 


Now, it is more like…sounds of kids screaming because they want to take every single toy they have to the beach, packing right around 100 different bags, with towels, toys, snacks (can’t leave the house without snacks), drinks, umbrellas, sunscreen (at least 3 bottles in case one runs out while you are there), more snacks (again, did we mention don’t leave the house without snacks?), chairs, blankets, and whatever else you can possibly think of for roughly 4 hours of fun before the baby has to go home and take a nap. Ahhh…paradise right? 

(Look at all that sand!!! UGH! But, there are snacks!) 



Well, we came up with a few hacks, tips and tricks that might make this beach day “process” a little more bearable and closer to the “relaxation” side of things. None of these are things we came up with because we are some kind of parenting geniuses (trust us, far from it). Just tricks and tips we have found online and heard about from other parents dealing with the same “beach day” challenges! Check them out and feel free to let us know if you have any that would make our lives easier, we’d LOVE to hear about them! 


1. Put the sunscreen on before you get to the beach 

It is one less thing to remember once you get there, the kids are already in super excitement mode, and this will help with them being less likely to take off mid-spray, AND no worry about the sunscreen and sand effect, you know where the sand is EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING, and it’s basically rubbing them down with a piece of sand paper…which is no fun for anyone involved! Of course, depending on how long you are at the beach, you will probably need to reapply. This is where the next tip comes into play for getting as much sand off as possible. 


2. Pack Baby Powder 

Sand (my mortal enemy) is inevitable! And kids and sand are magnets, it will be all over them and anything they touch. I mean ALL OVER EVERY INCH OF THEM!! Stuck EVERYWHERE! Therefore everywhere they go, the sand goes too… BUT, all that baby powder that everyone gave you in your baby shower gifts finally comes in handy! Just cover your kids (you too) in baby powder, and then just wipe the sand right off! Seriously, it works give it a try! 


3. Pack a “wet bag”


Now I know what you are thinking, “uh, isn’t every bag wet by the time you leave?” Yes, yes it is! But pack a bag that is designated for the wet stuff! The best thing to use that we found is a giant freezer bag. You can get a whole box of them at the dollar store, and you can have one bag for each person, that way anything that is wet, goes right in their own bag. Throw it in the big beach bag and you don’t have to worry about everything else in the bag being soaked by the time you get home. Also, a quart sized bag works great for phones and keys to be stored in a safe place in your bag. Once you get home, don’t forget to empty those “wet bags” right into the washer…moldy swimsuits and towels will for sure ruin your day when you find them before your next beach day! 


4. Baby Wipes

Even if your kids are out of diapers, bring a pack with you. You can use them for everything, from sticky fingers, runny noses, or even trying to get that bug out of the oldest’s eye…because, who knows, it will happen! 


5. Invest in a beach cart

(This is right off of Google shopping, Walmart has them pretty cheap, but I'm sure you can find them anywhere!)


They make all kinds of different ones from wagons, to “wheeler” types, doesn’t matter, but with all that gear it will just make your life that much simpler if everything can just be hauled from the parking lot to the “perfect beach spot” in one place. Plus, it is a lot easier to tote a toddler on your hip when you just have to roll all your gear with the other free hand. 



The beauty of living at the beach is that you can enjoy all it has to offer! These are just a few of our hacks to help you do that! Let us know if you have any beach hacks of your own...we need all the help we can get!